R2 – DE2

Industrialization and prefab constitute a great alternative for, together with a greater formation of the intervening trades, obtain a higher quality property product.

The mechanization of the facade is the image of a necessary process for architecture. It is and constitutes the image of the backdrop that surrounds us in our reality. Managing the hole with seriousness, any element that composes it is susceptible of mechanized and serial placement, generating, as it is the case of the present project, different realities for two family spaces, reason for the request of the order.

A local ground floor illuminated under a skylight make it with large proportions that occupies the interior courtyard, that is the ground contact of the building. Two houses are located above it.

Glass, steel and ceramics are the three elements that make up this architecture exercise, where steel marks the order, compass of the function, glass emerges as an foreign element, and ceramics rhythm the uses of superior housing.

All post-modernistdesign , reaches in this project the inner door from the ground floor , where the figuration recalls the main compositional axis.