The responsibility of the human beings, as the dominant specie, is to take care of the other living creatures, especially the ones that call for our help. The shelter in Torrent is a proposal of a sustainable unit that gives decent life for abandoned animals.

Unfortunately, most of the dogs turn up in the shelter with physical-psychological problems. Their fear and aggression often affect others. The principal idea was to provide the functionality and coziness of the place, so they could feel the best possible and the same way facilitate the cleaning tasks.

Sustainability is, as always, the key element. By means of a structure made of a light framework with bracing timber panels, the manufacture of modules is achieved, their geometry allows placing photovoltaic panels on the inclined roof to meet the energy needs of the whole complex.

In addition, the folding façade with movable slats and the narrow fissure in the encounter of the wall and the opposite enclosure, allow easy air flow, as well as providing a more than necessary regulation of the shade in the summer.