Great scruffy cloths adorn our cities. Compositions with a metric difficult to read, in the best of cases, transpose what should be the urban landscape of the eye that looks up.

With a small piece of scenery, explode the idea of this architecture for a local and four flats.

The regulations draw the floorplan of the houses, it is their work and the trade of the architect. The second part begins when, with a facade width of 4.25 meters, a high composition is experienced up to 20.00 meters, the artist’s duty to solve it.

As if it were an Italian palace from the 16th century, the height at which the piano nobile should result should be established, giving it the greatest packaging. To tie this noble floor with the rest of the palace, it is necessary to use a white zigzag band that allows the eye to follow the path to its objective, the sky.

This system only lacks the rhythm provided by the tubular ceramic slats. As spikes, they allow the large stem rhymes according to the house, strengthening different interior lighting in the halls and creating in turn chiaroscuro games that expand the interior space in addition to subtracting sunlight.

Breaking at various times the white tapestry, like a dialogue, prevent the eye from building a monotonous image, for a building that has a slenderness of 1/5 in its facade. On a musical order marked by the white element, the exceptions to the general melody stand out, which give it the character of a rule. Indeed, music is the architecture of sound, but architecture is also the constructed music.