In Sol clef, Master Sosa composed his famous pasodoble “Lo Cant del Valencià”. Compasillo timing: four times, five lines on the pentagram, and the Sol being the fifth note of the musical alphabet.

Five floors has this magnificent building in Valencia, allocating the ground floor for common services with a large glass slab that projects Sun inside, the rest being tourist apartments on high floors.
Combination in the use of linear and circular geometry to find dynamic balance in the composition. Recovery of protected elements and their necessary dialogue with the new.

Here comes the idea of ​​the container that contains architecture, this time with another language. The little timber beams of the building mark the pentagram where the geometry of the new divisions marks the melody, in the clef of Sol. The declination of the height in favor of the volumetric differentiation of the new, allows the separation between the written and the musical perception.

This message is transferred into the treatment of the rear wall where the logo of the building appears, which contains how many elements we have described.