3 – 1 = 4

When someone explores architecture,clearly observes that the mathematics is imprecise. The inequation proposed as a title to the present project demonstrates how the continuous space exceeds the habitat expectations of a project, where the geometry and order spoke different languages. Breaking down the formula: Three are the front meters of the site, one is the applicant, four are theunitsroomsrequired, that are not housing.

Planned to accommodate a multitude of differentiated groups, on four floors, maximum normative allowed, the staircase is developed longitudinally, and allows to reach to all floors of the building. Various elements inside, such as showers appear as enclosing walls of the common elements. Transgression takes charisma in projects where the need for space and vital functions is maximum. Each ‘’Unité d’Habitation’’ has full faculties to be unique among all, and at the same time participate in the main engine light of the building. A curved geometry patio constructed with translucent concrete walls, multiplies the light and becomes a necessary exception in the house.

Straight and organic geometry coexist in this tiny building, plasticizing human needs, integrating them, dividing them at the same time.