DANIEL FENOLLOSA CERVELLÓArchitect | Dept. of Architecture

    As an architect,being able to transform reality is a dream.
    If you want something thatyou never saw, you must do something you never did.
    While someonemark to the moon, the others look at the finger.
    Imagination is the key to discoveryeverything.
    Do not look for someone to solve your problems, look for someone who that that does not leave you alone.
    Architecture is special when you achieve to separate yourself from the material and pay attention to its beauty.

    If you can dream it, do not hesitate, you can do it.
    Remember that creativity has no rules.
    Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Architecture as an architect from the Poly-technic University of Valencia.
    Participant in the European internship program “ERASMUS +” in Aachen, Germany.