Alberto Mangana BlancoArchitect | Dept. of Architecture

    The sensory architecture
    Always looking for the consolidation of an architectural project through the rationalization of the senses.

    Architecture must be lived and felt, to understand and enjoy it in all its splendor. Architecture should not simply remain in a role, regulations, construction system, investment, such a material element. The end user and his circumstances must take part directly and participate in it.

    The beauty of the architecture lies in the fact that there is no project equal like other one and in the same thing that there is no identical feeling. The fullness of the architecture is based on the infinity of feelings. In short, a space must be felt beforehand to be able to inhabit it and participate in it.

    The architecture seen from a sustainable model in all its aspects, learning from the original spaces and the surrounding environments. Nature always as the greatest exponent and assistant to our personal perceptions and feelings.

    My felt architecture
    Architect by the Alfonso X el Sabio University of Madrid.
    Scholarship for 2 years for the development of doctoral thesis at the Polytechnic of Milan.
    Extraordinary PFC Award 97-2003 UAX architecture.
    PFC exhibition participer at the IX Biennial of Spanish architecture organized by the Ministry of Development.
    Master in real estate valuations, TINSA.
    Teaching participation in IUAV 2004-2005 workshop, Venezia.
    Teaching participation in urban planning workshop, Allariz, Galicia.
    Proved experience in the residential sector in all its fields.
    Certificate of sustainable construction (LEED / BREAM) in buildings.

    Continuing in the research and use of new materials, technologies and construction systems. Specially interested in the world of prefabrication in all its perceptions and scales.