Whatsarq within the best wood projects 2019 AITIM

Nine tons is the weight that the foundation of each sculpture by Jaume Plensa should hold in the set inaugurated at the Ciutat de las artes y las Ciencias de Valencia this past June, apart from its own weight. Each one was made up of a steel exoskeleton that would come assembled on site, configuring each of the faces depicted.

The problem arises when it is verified that, by making a foundation with conventional systems, the admissible stress for the slab established by the Fundació Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies de València.

Thus, after evaluating two foundations in reinforced concrete and steel, none of them provides the maximum applicable stress criteria, as they are materials that, although they resist the required load, incorporate an unaffordable mass for the whole to support. Wood is postulated as an alternative to traditional construction systems and building support, in such a way that, resisting the same stresses, it incorporates a negligible mass, capable of fulfilling the requirement.

The project has been awarded with its inclusion in the summary of best wood architecture projects 2019 from AITIM magazine. Very grateful for their editorial and the impetus they have been giving for years to the use of wood.

best projects awards 2019 AITIM

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