Spain is the third European forest area

Spain is the third European forest area, but eighth in the use of wood for energy.

Spain registers a level of exploitation of forest biomass much lower than the potential that awaits in the forest. We are the THIRD country in Europe on wooded forested area, behind Sweden and Finland, and its forest mass grows at an annual rate of 2.19% (European average of 0.51%), but it is the EIGHTH in use of the wood (every year they remain in the mountain in the order of 30 to 40 Mm3 / year of wood and biomass). In countries of our environment with a climate and a conformation of the forest similar and a bioenergy sector much more mature, like France or Italy, the percentages in the use of wood for energy have a much greater weight. The per capita biomass consumption in Spain is 0.103 toe / inhab * (in Finland it is 1.435 toe / inhabitant).

The resource is increasingly abundant, due to the depopulation of the rural world and the abandonment of the uses and traditional uses of forests, and because the extractions are lower than the annual growth, which leads to the accumulation of stocks in the forest that is not They are valorizing.

The consumption of wood for other uses, such as sawing or the manufacture of pulp or boards, has a more or less defined roof, while the energy use (mainly thermal) of forest biomass has grown steadily during the last decade. “The final consumption of BIO energy grows exponentially, due to its enormous degree of efficiency”, observes the COSE manager. There is still a lot of biomass in the forest, which remains unused. Besides wasting a resource and an opportunity, this is an obvious risk of fire. ”

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